Welcome to the discussion forum for Bonner County Gardeners Association members. Any member is welcome to post a question or comment to the list, or to *answer* a posting from another member.  

The forum is set up initially so everyone should receive a copy of each posting/message in his/her email inbox (whatever email address you’ve provided to the Association).  However, there is also a web page where you can go to view all the messages that have been posted, and you can answer postings or post a new message (aka “start a new topic”) there as well. You can even search for past postings or topics.

To send a message or “post” to the list, simply send an email to or click on the button below to automatically open an email to the forum. Choose your subject line text wisely – that will become the “topic” wording under which your message and all the replies will be listed on the web page, and it will be repeated in email every time someone replies (i.e., don’t just use “question” or “announcement” – be more specific).  All members who are part of the discussion group will receive the email in their own inboxes. MORE INFO

To comment about someone else’s message, or to answer their question, simply *reply* to that message from within your email program. MORE INFO

Note that your replies will go to the whole group – not just the individual who authored the message to which you are replying.

If you find you are getting more individual email messages than you like, you can request your email from the forum be “digested” – delivered in the form of only one email for every 25 postings (that single email will contain all 25 messages). Please email Shannon Callister, and she can make that change for you.

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