Home Horticulture Series

2017 Home Horticulture

Fall Workshop Series

The Bonner County Gardeners Association is hosting a fall series of six Home Horticultural classes, beginning on September 13th. The classes are held in the Ponderay Event Center building at 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F.  All classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.  (With the exception of the Sept. 13th Composting Class Field Trip. See class description.) The classes are each $10 per person. There is limited seating, so to reserve a place for one or more classes. Tickets may be purchased below. Please bring your printed receipt as your ticket.



Here is the schedule for this interesting selection of topics:


September 13 from 3-5 PM

Ann Warwick and Janae Dale


Please Note: This is a field trip to Ann’s home at 768 Samuels Road, where she will demonstrate building and maintaining a compost system, how to harvest and uses of compost. This class will be from 3 to 5 pm.  This class will also include a “red wigglers” (worms) show & tell by Janae Dale.



Cover Crops and Care of the Garden in Fall

September 20th

Jennifer Jensen U of I Extension Educator

Jennifer will discuss cover crops and other fall maintenance practices to prepare your garden for a great start next season.


Garden Weeds

September 27th

 Marrion Newsom-Banks

Marrion will provide information on identifying various weeds and their life cycles, as well as ideas on eliminating these troublesome plants.

Straw Bale Gardening and Building a Home Greenhouse

October 4th

Janene Grende & Brenda Hill

Learn how to grow produce and flowers in straw bales successfully.  Janene & Brenda will also explain step by step how they built a greenhouse and how you can too.


October 11th

Sean Mitzel

A microclimate is a climate within a climate and is determined by a multitude of factors.  In North Idaho, it’s crucial to understand this concept for successful gardening.  Come and learn some of these factors & modification techniques to accentuate your microclimate.



Pesticides in the Garden

October 18th

Bob Wilson

Bob will help us discover when the use of pesticides for insect and disease control is appropriate and when they are not.  He will include safety information & examples of which chemicals are useful for various problems.  Time will be allowed to address specific problems that class attendees are experiencing in their gardens.





Presented and Coordinated by Bonner County Gardeners Association

Classes are $10 each per person

 Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm

Location:  Ponderay Event Center 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F,

Ponderay, Idaho


Email inquiries to bcgardeners@gmail.com

Or call message line: 265-2070