Home Horticulture Series

2016 Home Horticulture

Fall Workshop Series

The Bonner County Gardeners Association is hosting a fall series of five Home Horticultural classes, beginning on September 14. The classes are held in the Ponderay Event Center building at 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F. All classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.  The classes are each $10 per person. There is limited seating, so to reserve a place for one or more classes.


Here is the schedule for this interesting selection of topics:

Food Preservation

September 14

Master Food Preserver Katie Krill

Learn how to preserve the harvest from your garden. Katie provides information on canning, pressure canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and fermenting foods for future use.   Enjoy the fruits of your garden all winter long.


Growing Mushrooms + Fall Mushroom ID

September 21

 Arthur Church

Learn how to grow your own mushrooms at home.  This exciting class with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor will teach us the basics of growing mushrooms, and will also provide some identification of wild mushrooms.


Weeds in North Idaho, ID and Control

September 28

Brad Bleumer and Chase Youngdahl

This class helps gardeners identify weeds in our environment, and provides various ways to control or eradicate them, both with chemicals and with other methods. Useful information for all home owners.


Creating Owl, Bat, and Osprey Houses

October 5

 Tom Steffen

This class will provide instructions for building homes for birds and animals that help us control rodents and insects. These houses also give us an opportunity to observe these interesting creatures. Tom will teach us where to place these nests to attract the birds and bats.


Lawn Management

October 12

Jack Zimmer

Learn how to prep ground for a new lawn, varieties of grass seed, and how to feed and manage the turf in your yard for maximum appeal and usefulness.

Planning Your Home Orchard

October 19

Arthur Church

This class will cover ground preparation, planting techniques and varieties of fruit trees well adapted to our challenging climate.  Fall is the time to order trees for spring planting.  Don’t be limited to the small number of varieties the big box stores bring in.  There are many other choices available.


Presented and Coordinated by Bonner County Gardeners Association

Classes are $10 each per person

 Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm

Location:  Ponderay Event Center 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F,

Ponderay, Idaho


Email inquiries to bcgardeners@gmail.com

Or call message line: 265-2070


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