Home Horticulture Series

2017 Home Horticulture

Spring Workshop Series

The Bonner County Gardeners Association is hosting a spring series of six Home Horticultural classes, beginning on March 15. The classes are held in the Ponderay Event Center building at 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F. All classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.  The classes are each $10 per person. There is limited seating, so to reserve a place for one or more classes.


Here is the schedule for this interesting selection of topics:

Growing Blueberries Successfully

March 15th

Patty & Fred Omodt

With good cultural conditions, you can grow delicious and abundant blueberries in your home garden.  Learn the secrets-varieties, soil condition, fertilization, pruning and more from the owners of Shinglemill Blueberry Farm.


Seed Saving

March 22nd

 Jennifer Costich-Thompson botanist

Jennifer will teach you how to collect and store seeds, what plants are suitable for harvesting seeds-hybrids vs. heirlooms and more.


Plant Problem Diagnosis

March 29th

Jennifer Jensen U of I Extension Educator

Are you baffled when your plant looks sick?  This will be an introduction to identifying plant problems.  Learn to narrow down problems by observing symptoms.


Home Orchard Maintenance

April 5th

 Arthur Church

Planting a fruit tree is just the beginning.  The next step is assuring the health of your tree.  Arthur will provide essential information on keeping your fruit trees healthy and productive.

Harvesting the Garden

April 12th

Jon Bair

Jon has grown a market garden here for years.  He can teach you when and how to harvest various crop, as well as storage tips and other important information to make the most of your produce.

Beginning Gardening in North Idaho

April 19th

A panel discussion by Laurie Brown, Janae Dale and Ann Warwick

For those of you new to the area and/or new to gardening this is a class that will teach you how to select a garden site and will include tips for choosing seeds, how and when to plant and much more.


Permaculture, Hugel Culture & Micro Climates

April 26th

Sean & Monica Mitzel

Sean and Monica farm here in Bonner County.  They will introduce you to wholistic and sustainable practices and will also discuss the importance of micro climates in our region.

Promoting a Healthy Landscape for Bees

May 3rd

Stephen Augistine local beekeeper

We all need to understand the importance of bees and other pollinators in our world.  Stephen will discuss practices that will help create a habitat or these beneficial insects.



Presented and Coordinated by Bonner County Gardeners Association

Classes are $10 each per person

 Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm

Location:  Ponderay Event Center 401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite F,

Ponderay, Idaho


Email inquiries to bcgardeners@gmail.com

Or call message line: 265-2070