Garden Tours

2017 Bonner County Garden Tour


This year’s Bonner County Garden Tour is July 16th from 10a-5p presented by the Bonner County Gardeners Association.


There are seven spectacular gardens on the tour this year (descriptions below the paypal button).

Download garden address list here.

Tickets are $15 per adult and may be purchased at any of the gardens on tour day, or by clicking the Paypal “Buy Now” button below. Your printed receipt is your ticket.

If you wish to buy more than one ticket, you may change the quantity on the first Paypal screen.




“Shangri La”

Lindy Lewis

60 Bella Circle, Sagle


A once basic yard has been transformed into a “Zen Zone” assisting all to find their joy, vitality and to create life. Three islands of happiness filled with trees, shrubs and flowers, provide a feeling of peace and Zenter as Lindy calls it!  This bubble of color and visual pleasure spill over Her spirit as she makes her morning rounds appreciating the magic in nature. Whimsical and colorful art grace the space welcoming you into this mystic garden.



“The End of the Rainbow”

Jerry and Pat Lewis

730 Bottle Bay Road, Sagle


Almost 50 years of love and tender care have made this garden rich and lovely. Blueberries have provided 75 years of bountiful harvest. A porch swing gently eases the tensions of the day as Jerry and Pat reflect on the beauty of nature. Veggies and berries provide nourishment on one side of the home while a shade garden graces the other side. Blueberries and pumpkins are contented bedfellows while a vigorous fountain greets you and keeps watch over the front yard’s blooming beds.



“Paula and Sid’s Peace”

Paula Marcinko and John Sidwell

405 Lake Street, Sandpoint


Once a junkyard for dead cars and debris, Paula and Sid have transformed their city lot into a magical garden. It’s a place to come relax and feel the embrace of what they have created. Perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees along with art pieces that were handpicked. Sid displays his talent with the hardscape using old windows to create a fence, making beautiful handmade trellis’ to strong rock walls and Paula is the softscaper creating the soft surroundings. A great garden takes time!   See what has transformed from 17 years of mutual passion and love.



“Hidden Meadow”

Seth and Kathi Samuels

340 Leisure Lane, Sandpoint


Stop and ‘see’ the roses! With the help of friends, especially Val and Karen, the design and planting of our 5000 square foot garden space has come to life. Our goal was to transform a portion of our pasture into a productive place of rest and beauty. Displayed in a variety of fruit trees, berries, flowering perennials, and rows of veggies – our plants are doing the work, while we enjoy their beauty.  To fight pests and noxious weeds, we continuously follow the designed patterns in nature and minimize any chemical impact in our garden from soil choice to fertilizers. It is my hope that all who visit Hidden Meadow will be inspired by its natural wonder and peaceful setting. Come take a break from the noise and open up your senses. Beauty is everywhere.



“Walking Meditation-Somewhere That’s Green”

Alan and Jeanie Ball

113 Ponder Point Drive, Sandpoint


Enter a serene landscape that once was two large flat, weedy lots. Add graceful shade trees, ponds, a pagoda fountain, a desert garden, raspberries and hidden in the far end, a replica of a crop circle surrounded with color.

This creative garden invites meandering and absorbing nature’s soothing green at every turn. Alan has enjoyed, over that past 25 years, watching the landscape grow and change with each season. He and Jeanie sit on the back porch and wait for the next inspiration. Oh, and there are faeries under the Japanese maple. Perhaps you can find them.


“Nature’s Delight”

Gail Swan

2385 Sunnyside Road, Sandpoint


On the slopes of a Ponderay Lake inlet, this garden full of nature’s abundance and delight, greets you. The variety of color and plantings will create in you a desire to plant, dig, and get your hands in the rich soil. It is that inspiring.



“Tapestry Terrace Bay”

Steve and Sandra Gevurtz

245 Kootenai 4th Avenue, Sandpoint


Entering under a canopy of enormous evergreen  trees, one finds a soft shade garden. Then step forward into the lushly green grotto canyon with a stream feeding the waterfalls below. This garden was designed to reflect the rich colors and textures of a fine tapestry. Stroll on the serpentine grass pathway or step down the flagstone steps discovering terraces stretching to the lake below. Many hued borders of flowers compose this tapestry. The garden is adorned with Steve’s exquisite bronze statues/sculptures which you can also view in the home gallery.



The Bonner County Garden Tour is one of the major fundraisers conducted annually by the BCGA. The money raised goes to support home horticultural education programs, community beautification projects, and the elementary school garden program in accordance with our mission statement.

If  you would like your garden to be considered for next year’s tour, or would like to nominate a garden you know for consideration, please send contact information to [email protected], and include “Garden Tour” in the subject line.