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Hillside Planting by Valle Novak A few months ago, a friend new to the ranks of Master Gardeners, mentioned that her property lay on a partial hillside and that she was nervous about planting on a slope. We discussed the

The Art of Color Echo by Laurie Brown Combining colors in the garden is a source of great fun for me. drifts of lavender, spikes of blue – will it go together? How much of each? One good way to

Try an “Upright” Landscape Plan by Valle Novak Small houses – one-storey ranch-type homes or bungalows, for instance – have a real charm and are site-friendly since they don’t overwhelm the landscape. If the “gardener-in-residence” isn’t careful, however, the landscape

Fairy Garden by Valle Novak Some years ago – and I’ve recounted this story before – I was lost in a network of country roads and finally in desperation, knocked on the door of a secluded house I had happened

Edible Landscaping by Valle Novak       If your plans revolve around a pretty – mostly ornamental – garden, with flowers and shrubs, and you haven’t the time or inclination to put in a vegetable garden as well, consider edible landscaping.