2016 Garden Tour

2016 Bonner County Garden Tour


This year’s tour featured eight gardens from Ponderay to Garfield Bay. Garden descriptions and pictures from tour day are listed below.

“Homestead Farm”

Jack and Jeanelle

123 B Providence Road, Sandpoint

This 1913 homestead, which supports three generations, has been lovingly reclaimed and now flourishes with raised bed vegetable gardens, an inviting chicken house framed with picket fence, and flower garden using repurposed vintage materials. You will be greeted by miniature donkeys and a horse in her pasture. This property and garden showcase the harmonious relationship between gardens and lifestyle of owners and their farm animals.

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“Gourmet Greenery”

Valerie and Jiwan Ripley

511 Ponder Point Drive, Sandpoint

On a lush neighborhood corner lot, a multi-functional landscape has been created. Using edible as well as ornamental plantings, the garden is both nourishing and beautiful. With 20 medicinal/culinary herbs and 12 types of fruiting shrubs (goji, medlar, aronia) vegetable gardens are mixed in with traditional landscape plants. A new greenhouse, filled with color, provides the space for working as well as allowing an early and late season.

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“Le Petit Jardin”

Cary and Mona Kelly

211 S. Fourth Ave, Sandpoint

A new home in South Sandpoint showcases a delightful small and lush flower garden, framed by a graceful pagoda. The design uses color and texture to create a spacious feeling with pathways and plantings meandering into the alley behind. With annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees, and window boxes surrounding a patio, you will want to stay, relax, and feast your eyes.

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“My Happy Place”

Rose Chaney

431 Lake View Blvd., Sandpoint

Crocus popping up as soon as the snow leaves the ground and hellebore blossoms so eager they don’t wait for the snow to leave; these first harbingers of nature’s rebirth in my garden bring joy to my soul. From February to November ever changing wonders appear! Daffodils, tulips and hyacinths add their early burst of color. Then come the harbingers of summer; rhododendrons, columbines, lilies, roses, honeysuckle, ligularia, Maltese cross, hosta, clematis, and so many more that fill the garden with color and texture and marvelous aromas. Last come the hardy anemones and stately evergreens waiting in the background for the last rays of the autumn sun. Then with the first hard frost, My Happy Place begins its rest, always promising to bring its miracle of riotous life again next year.

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“Blue Heron”

Joyce Dillon

207 Birch Banks Road, Sagle

Sprays of rich peach roses usher you into this garden of vignettes. Each displays a treasure trove of unusual specimen plants such as Japanese contorted filbert, contorted black pine, goats beard, tamarisk, and umbrella tree and a collection of mini hosts. Sounds from the four waterfalls are the ideal background for the flowering symphony going on in this garden. Drift along and see if you can spot the sky plants in the background trying to escape your notice, while other specimens willingly reach out to caress you as you pass by.

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“Garden on Glengary Bay”

Pat and George Congelton

165 McLean (formerly MacLane) Drive, Sagle

Upon entering through an artistic steel and copper gate, view generous islands of large boulders filled with shrubs, flowers and trees lining the driveway. Wander up the hillside path where you see a variety of trees, perennials and ground covers. Stroll across the front lawn and up to a path that leads to the lake side of the property across a log bridge. In spring, the owners enjoy the pleasant sound of rushing water as it makes its way below the driveway down to the lake. This section of the garden is dedicated to shade loving plants such as hostas, ferns, helleborus, violets, astible and native bunch berry. The owners invite you to end the visit, with refreshments, on the stone patio, and enjoy the gorgeous views of Lake Pend Oreille.

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“Peaceful Retreat”

Pam and Chuck Hulbert

1084 Glengary Bay Road, Sagle

The previous owners Hal and Ruth Hargraves were the creators of this lovely garden. The new owners, Pam and Chuck Hulbert, now enjoy maintaining this lovely setting and have added their own touch. Beyond the terrace patio you will notice the pond and fountain, the richly planted grass, lavenders and shrubs give this area a backdrop to keep the sound of water within the garden. Walk through a gate to visit the expansive vegetable and berry garden. The new raised beds, provide fresh produce with the excess preserved for winter.

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“Gemini Gardens”

Becky and Jerry Luther

822 Garfield Bay Road, Sagle

Nestled at the base of Grouse Mountain, Gemini Gardens is at the gateway to Garfield Bay. This park like garden has provided 32 years of delight as a working garden. The curving pathways surround seven large interestingly shaped and expansive, cottage style, cutting gardens and terraced raised beds of vegetables. Fruit trees and berries that provide food for the table and storage surround these beds. A variety of shrubs, high bushes and small trees provide bird habitat along with driftwood and rock walls with niches for a family of chipmunks.

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